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The ultimate in authentic Old Florida Regency-Style Decor and Vintage Furniture inspired by the classic, elegant, and tropical aesthetic of the Regency era in Florida, particularly during the mid-20th century. Old Florida Regency decor is known for its timeless sophistication, combining traditional elements with tropical influences, creating a unique and distinctive look. The hand-picked collections offered by Brittany’s Bamboo Barn are unmatched in quality and price.
We provide old Florida regency-style decor & furniture to both individuals and designers, all at the best prices. Looking for something specific? We can help.

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Looking for Old Florida Regency-Style Decor? We offer three ways to shop Brittany’s Bamboo Barn. You can find us online at chairish.com. For our most up-to-date items check out our Instagram page. Or, if you are in the southwest Florida area you can schedule an appointment to visit the barn in person.

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